All the good things never end?

… all the good things end some day, and sadly my Erasmus experience ended last Thursday with my flight to Barcelona around 17.20h from Helsinki. I’m writing this post in English to say thanks to everyone who shared with me this amazing 5 months, best days of my life, for sure.

Ladies first, my “mamasitas” Rosa, Sara, Noora and Ani. Rosa has been my tutor and more than a tutor in Finland, I can also consider Sara as my tutor, she has been always there for everything, thanks girls. I will never forget Noora and Ani. We all danced so many times at Seurahuone!

Janne, like my Finnish brother and also a great football mate. Martin, “what happen to this man”, a great drinking and football mate. Amine, the Moroccan footballer, generous and a really nice guy. Niko, he has been a real good friend, we had such good parties.

Ville, Martti, Teemu, Priit, the boardgames and barbaque mates. I can’t remember any week we haven’t been watching a movie at Martti’s place or playing cards and boardgames in some other flat.

The frenchies, we have spent so many days with Antoine, Guille, Nelson and William, “maybeeeee, a little biiiiit”, those words will remain in Riihimäki for a long time…

Antoine is a nice guy and great footballer, but be careful when drunk, he will look at you in a “french-gay” way. About Guille I will only say: “keep him away from the Jameson bottle”. William, great footballer, but he likes Chinese rice too much! and Nelson, the Japanese-look-like French!

Javier, so many parties together at Helsinki. Daniel and Sam, the Iranian brothers, so loyal and generous always, it has been a pleasure hanging out with both.

Señores Lindroos and Turunen, Tommi and Ville: the “random drinking Tuesday” was so great, had a really nice time with those guys. I taught Ville how to prepare sangria, and Tommi will join me at Vic soon.

Special mention to Iida, who invited me and the frenchies to her house at Toholampi, it has been such a great weekend, and I planted a tree.

Other exchange students like Sergej from Ucraine, Mr. Zi and Pong, crazy party animals. Some chinese guys like Alfred and Eric. More French exchange students were Thomas, who was my roomate for a long time, and Pierre, the most fucked up French I’ve ever met.

And also Joonas, Oskari, Taru, Henri, Sanna, Annina, Anni, Minna, Antero, Arttu, Eemeli, Heidi, Immu, Antti, Jussi, Jarkko, … they have always been around Riihimäki, always up to hang out and have a good time.

Thanks everyone for making me a better person!

I hope you enjoyed that time as much as I enjoyed mine, and remember you’re always welcome to my place in Vic.

5 Replies to “All the good things never end?”

  1. So nice and full of emotions. It has also been the best time of my life and I thank you for being part of it. See you soon man!

  2. And in couple of months the whole Spain is going to know how to get wasted randomly! See ya soon!

  3. I got goosebumps while reading that story..
    It was so nice to get to know a guy like you, Dani.
    Amazing.. So full of sunshine and always ready to party. ;]

    See you in three weeks!
    Can’t wait.

  4. Ohh Dani, the first exchange student I tutored and I have to say, my favourite! I will never forget you.

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